Agony Klub and Publication Studio Vancouver are pleased to present Whitney Houston, vol. 2. A continuation of Whitney Houston, et. al., editor/author Casey Wei invites six writers to reflect on their relationship to popular music in film, keeping in mind that popular music has always been as much about the desire for an image as about the catchiness of a song. The resulting essays on Elliot Smith, Amélie, Real Genius, The Pixies, Drive, and The Conversation explore themes of time, love, and evolution.

Multiple Authors (ed. Casey Wei) – Whitney Houston, vol. 2
paperback, 73 pgs – $15
ISBN: 978-1-927385-54-8

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PUZZLEHEAD – Sadeh/Artless

AK012 is here:
Puzzlehead, O! Puzzlehead
Puzzleheart, wandering pieces of
Folly, O Fate, O Free, Will
You come meet


The jester reigns supreme in Sadeh/Artless, the scorching six-track album by the one and only Puzzlehead.  Sadeh is Persian for naive, innocent, and unadorned — in other words, unaffected, plain, and artless.  What is there when nothing is there? Wonky and tight, jagged and greasy, dissonant and enchanted: Puzzlehead leaves the stars twinkling.

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$8 – cassette tape & poster